Werkhalle Wiesenburg

Wiesenstraße 55, 13357 Berlin

Werkhalle Wiesenburg (c) Benjamin Leven (© Benjamin Leven) © Benjamin Leven

Wiesenstraße 55, 13357 Berlin (Wedding)

1869 opened as a homeless shelter for men the Wiesenburg area today is an alternative center for artist from all over the world. The Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, run by the Swedish artist Thomas Henriksson, is a space for art in Berlin-Wedding. From April to November we organize a series of events, art exhibitions, concerts and festivals for music and literature. Our exhibitions include painting, sculpture, performance, video and installation by Berlin and international artists. Our varied music program ranges from classical, improvised, experimental and electronic to rock, hand pans and jam sessions. Now this refuge of arts for one day will be filled with literature.