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Uljana Wolf

Uljana Wolf (© Alberto Novelli) © Alberto Novelli

(author) was born on 6 April 1979 in East-Berlin. She studied German philology, cultural sciences and anglicistics in Berlin and Krakow. The poet has published four volumes of poetry, most recently “Wandernde Errands“ (Das Wunderhorn, 2016). In addition to her work as a writer, Wolf also works as a translator, lecturer and editor (Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2009). Wolf has won numerous prizes for her achievements, both as a writer and as a translator, including the Erlangen Prize for Poetry as Translation and the Adalbert von Chamisso Prize. She lives in Berlin and New York, where she teaches seminars on poetry and translation.

Kochanie ich habe Brot gekauft. Poems. Kookbooks, Idstein, 2005.
Falsche Freunde. Poems. Kookbooks, Idstein, 2009.
Box Office. Stiftung Lyrik Kabinett, München, 2009.
Meine schönste Lengevitch. Prose poems. Kookbooks, Berlin, 2013.
Wandernde Errands. Zwiesprachen. Das Wunderhorn, Heidelberg, 2016.
Subsisters: Selected Poems. Poems. Belladonna, New York 2017.




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