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Graham Hains

Graham Hains (c) Graham Hain ((c) Graham Hains) (c) Graham Hains

(photographer) is an Australian artist who specializes in photographic portraits. For stadtsprachen magazin he creates portraits of Berlins international authors since 2016 and will also take the pictures of the guests and events of our festival.

He completed his B.A. in Photo Media at the Photomedia Edith Cownan University in 1997. Later he studied at the Illinois State University Art Academy and spent an honours year at the ECU Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998. He was the winner of the City of Perth International Photography Prize in 1994 and 1997. His pictures were exhibited in many countries, in Berlin for instance at Gallery Bassenge, Altenburg Photographie Auktionen House, Another Country Bookshop Gallery, WallyWoods Gallery of Contemporary Art and Bago Gallery. Hains has cooperated with the Berliner Literarische Aktion since 2010, which resulted e.g. in the exhibition Inhabitants – Gesichter Jakartas, which was presented in 2011 in Berlin’s main city hall Rotes Rathaus. He is a member of the artist group Brüken Kunst. His photographs are held both by corporate and private collectors. He lives and works in Berlin as an on-location portraitist who utilizes the advantages of digital image making.

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