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Eugene Ostashevsky

ostashevsky_by-dirk-skiba-2-fb (© Dirk Skiba) © Dirk Skiba

(author) born in Leningrad in 1968, is a Russian-American poet and professor of literature. In 1979 his family emigrated to the US. He grew up bilingually in Brooklyn, New York and studied comparative literature at Stanford University. During his studies he was a member of the writers’ collective 9×9 Industries and the performance artists’ group Vainglorious. In 2005 he published his first volume of poetry “Iterature” (Ugly Ducking Press, New York). Ostashevsky also teaches literature at New York University.

Inspired by the work of the Russian absurdist movement, and in particular Daniil Charms, Ostashevsky’s work is characterized by onomatopoeic elements with partially Dadaistic influences. In 2006 the first English anthology of the OBERIU “An Anthology of Russian Absurdism” (Northwestern UP Evanston) was published under his editorship with this group. Ostashevsky’s third volume of poetry was published in 2010 in German by Uljana Wolf under the title “Auf tritt Morris Imposternak, verfolgt von Ironien” (SuKuLTuR, Berlin). In 2014, the poet was a DAAD scholarship holder.

Iterature. Poems. Ugly Duckling Press, New York 2005.

as a publisher: Oberiu. An Anthology of Russian Absurdism. Anthologie. Northwestern UP Evanston, 2006.

Auf tritt Morris Imposternak, verfolgt von Ironien. Poems. SuKuLTuR, Berlin 2010.

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