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Bert Papenfuß

Bert Papenfuß (© graufeld) © graufeld

(author) is a poet, born 1956 in Stavenhagen (Germany) who now lives in Berlin, where his career as a writer began in 1980. However, because of the strict regime in the GDR his publication opportunities were limited, so he used concerts of Punk bands to present his texts. Furthermore Papenfuß  is the editor and publisher of the magazines Sklaven, GEGNER and Abwärts! He publishes a lot of his own work and is said to be the most famous poet in the Berlin underground community.

After the German reunification, From 2010 to 2015 he owned the famous bar “Rumbalotte Continua“.

Aktion-Aganda: Gedichte 1983/1990, Urs Engeler, Basel 2008.

Seifensieder. Angewandte Schrunst für eingewiesene Ausgeweihte, Brüterich Press, Berlin 2016.




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