The festival

8 days, 25 guest authors* and 6 legendary art locations in Berlin: From July 8 to15 in 2018, the Berlin New York = URBAN DICTIONARY literary festival will appear all over the city, bringing together writers and poets of Berlin’s and New York’s literary scenes for the first time in many years: The contemporary US-literature visits and meets Berlin – in person. The aim of the festival is to revitalize the cultural links between the “capitals of arts” and their literature scenes in order to start a new chapter of exchange and cooperation. Artistic energies will be newly linked, language and genre boundaries are abolished in times of cultural drift. Berlin New York = URBAN DICTIONARY leaves the beaten track of literature only and consciously chooses Berlin’s internationally renowned art spaces and galleries as venues for bilingual public readings, discussions and workshops.

Curator: Julia Kissina

Organizer: Berliner Literarische Aktion

Festival director: Martin Jankowski.

Press officer: Anna Giannessi.

CEO: Lars Jongeblod.

Web editor: Joey Bahlsen.

Editor: Birger Hoyer


Jenni Hammer, Niklas Gaus

Laura Kraußer

Marianne Idrac

Lea-Liane Winkler


Irina Bondas
Stefan Schade
Winnie Ya Otto


Ron Winkler (poems of Edwin Frank)
Dorothea Traupe (poems of Gabriel Don)
Heddi Feilhauer (prose by Jeremy M. Davies)
Joey Bahlsen (poetry by Idra Novey, Chavisa Woods, William Cody Maher)
Martin Jankowski (poems of Idra Novey)